A Guide to Trademark Registration


A trademark is a registered symbol, a word or a phrase that is used to define the source of goods from others similar. Owning a trademark has its advantages.  A registered trademark prevents the product from being copied by another similar product. Trademark registration is not a very easy process. It needs one to be patient and thorough. This process can be undergone with or without involving a trademark lawyer. Let us have a look at the processes involved.

Searching for a Conflicting Mark.  Immediately you have invented your own brand name, make sure no other product has the name similar to your product. You can do this by searching the Patent and Trademark Office website to make sure it is not in use and it is not applied for. Involving a lawyer if you find out that your name has another product is advisable to find out if you can continue with it or drop the brand name.  You can go on with registration once you learn that your brand name has no other similar product.  The Patent and Trademark Office has strict conditions for all trademark names.

There is a fee required to be paid when doing official procedure. The amount depends on some factors. Number of names is the first one. The second factor is the number of classes in which the marks fall whereas the third factor is the version(s) of the form you use. Whether the registration is rejected the money paid is not refunded.

If the registration is accepted, publication in the official gazette to allow any party that feel your brand will destroy theirs, maximum of 30 days to oppose. If within the thirty days no one protests, then your mark is a trademark(TM). Check out this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-is-the-value-of-a-brand_us_5a5a19e0e4b003efadb6ae0c for more facts about trademarks.

After finishing all the above process during us trademark office registration, you will get a notice of allowance within 12 weeks from when your name was registered in the official gazette. You will then be given 6 months to have used the mark in commerce.  This means that a product with the mark will have been sold. You can pay an extra fee if you want enough time to sell the product, for extension of the six month period.

Filing the Statement of Use. By giving confirmation that the product is selling with the trademark. Having finished the trademark registration as it transfers the name from not only being a mark with TM but to a completely registered trademark. Having learnt about trademark registration and seen it is not so complicated but requires endurance when going through the process. At least now you have at your disposal the info about trademark registration and its process that you never had before.


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